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Hello my darlings! I hope everyone is well I just want to let you all know that you can know find me on tumblr as well as my stories! You can find me at the link below! Anyways off that note I just wanted my darlings to know I am doing well. I just want to thank you all for being patience with my hobbyist writer self. I farther what to state that I look forward to coming on here and seeing all your comments and favorites it does wonders to my spirit. Even though I am currently still looking for a job know that I have graduated it doesn't mean I am going to end the written here. Hopefully I'll get all the chapters done before taking an break for a well before starting up an new one shots series or requests. I don't know but we'll see when the cards fall. Anyways loves and Kisses darlings!

You can Find me as well on my new account on Archive of our Own!:…

Ancient news
I wanted to let you all know where I am in the series. I also wanted to let you know you can find my chapters on an other site beside tumblr which is AO3 (… ). It is just an extra measure just in case anything were every to happen to me here and is a bit friendlier in setup as well.

  So lets get cracking!Llama Emoji-55 (Happy New Year) [V3] 

Vote closed

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Our Journey: Homestuck Reader x ? Ancestor trolls)

  1. Signless and Disciple (main route)
  2. Psiioniic route + Chances that never were (Psiioniic route timeline B)
  3. Dualscar route + Chances that never were (Dualscar route timeline B) + Letters
  4. GHB route + Chances that never were (Highblood route timeline B)
  5. Dolorosa Route + Chances that never were (Dolorosa Route Timeline B)

Request Completed:

  1. Humanstuck: Mother reader x Makara Clan (The Swan's Mate)
  2. Monster are made: Highbloodreader x Pre!Grand Highblood
  3. Little Jar of Sunshine: Mommy!Reader x Son!Mituna
  4. Sick Kitten: Mommy Disciple x kid!reader
  5. Soft Whispers: Reader x Psiioniic
  6. The Wisp: Ghost!Child!Reader x Makara Clan (Our Journey Give away Winner Fanfic)

Still in the works

  1. Redglare: Posted: Chapter 1-2; planned: chapters 3-4 included ending: chapter 3 : 1/4
  2. Summoner: Posted: Chapter 1; planned: Chapters 2-3 included ending: chapter 2 : 1/4
Other Series in the works
  1. Earth Angel - Reader x Psiioniic: Chapter 1-6 posted: Planned and finished all 18 chapters: Chapter 7: 0/5
  2. Requests
Requests (Closed for the moment)
  1. Empress x Slave!human!Reader (Multi-part One shot) -Special what if one shot route : 3.5/4 ((over 60 pages forgive me as I weep))
  2. Xeriya x Seadweller!Reader (based off the DS route happy ending): 3.5/4
  3. Darkleer Route (happy ending only will explain in Prechapter) - Special what if one shot route: 0/4 : 3/4 fine tuning plot points

Llama Emoji-03 (Sparkles) [V1]    

Our Journey Questions

Q: Are you bored of doing Our Journey?
A: That darling is a very loaded question... I'm not bored of Our Journey I just believe it needs to be wrapped up like every good thing it needs to be finished. I do apologize for the long wait in between chapters. Please refer to Earth Angel for your convenience as a way to wait for the next chapter!

Q: How can you do so much content like that? Doesn't it get to much at times?
A: To be truthful darling it does get to much at times but I've dug my grave so I will lay it in. Now to answer the first part of your question I generally follow a rule back at least ten pages of paragraphs of content. Which yields about over thirty pages of  chapter content give or take. The more content in paragraph form the longer the chapter for example GHB final chapter was 8 parts to it. In process of starting to content the paragraphs together I had about thirty paragraphs of content. Generally I find it's a one to five ratio being one paragraph of content yields five pages of reading. *mumbles lightly* If I didn't answer your question darling please let me now.

Q: what was 1/4 or 3.5/4 mean?
A: What that means darling is how close I am done typing. It simple means 1/4= quarter, 1/2= half way, 3/4= three quarters, 4/4 finished. You'll see as well I will do 1/5= one fifth or 3/5= three fifth's but that's usually in editing though when the chapters are long. 

Q: Do you do requests?
A: Yes darling I do request works as it says before you read the questions part.

Q: Why don't you do commission?
A: Because darling it is to much of an of an problem and I'm not the type to type with a timeline or word limit so yeah it's more for my safety then yours as well I don't mind doing things because someone asks too within reason. I do think about it before I commit to an request because it is for free and I don't want to disappoint.

Q: How do I give an request?
A: Send me a note and I'll talk to you about your request or send me a ask on my tumblr page:

Q: Why did you move to AO3 and Tumblr?
A: I had explain on AO3 why as well there word limit is better for me. A long of the chapters on there were the way they were suppose to be. There word limit is 500,000 words which is great for me since on average I type over 10,000 words. As far as tumblr goes because well why not. I can also post the pictures I have created on there on there own.

Q: I notice you don't update tumblr as much how come?
A: Sorry darling I just forget too and I have very limited time. 

Love and Kisses!
Llama Emoji-05 (Flower Sparkles) [V1] pokemon gif Mareep

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bananamilku Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015
No matter how much time passes before I'm able to return to DA you always the first person I check. I swear I finally saved enough money for new and dream laptop. I've been readin Our Journey since yesterday evening to catch up an I finished GHB's rout a little while ago and his route B is just so cute! Seriously little Kurloz and GHB's scene was so funny. I'm going to take a hour break and start on Rosa's she's my patron troll so I'm hella psyched!!!!
snowefox Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Darling! Oh it's wonderful to hear from you again! Thank you darling for taking the time to read everything I am very happy to hear that you thought it was cute I hope GHB wasn;t to out of character and I believe a congratulations is in order for the new laptop. And well I hope I have done your patron troll proud so far and I'm looking forward to what you think of the chapters darling! I look forward to your comments!
Cheezit1x1 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Hobbyist
Happy birthday!
snowefox Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Thank you darling!
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Happy birthday!  :iconcakeplz::iconballoonsplz::iconfireworkplz:
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Thank you darling!
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Hope you have a wonderful day ^^
snowefox Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Oh! Thank you very much darling for the birthday wishes. I hope you have a wonderful day as well!
Creaturelovergirl19 Featured By Owner Apr 28, 2015  Student Artist
Your Welcome ^^
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Hihi!! Just wanted to say Happy Birthday !! o v o
Have a great day~~ <3 I hope you enjoy it!!
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