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Hello my darlings! I hope everyone is well I just want to let you all know that you can know find me on tumblr as well as my stories! You can find me at the link below! Anyways off that note I just wanted my darlings to know I am doing well. I just want to thank you all for being patience with my hobbyist writer self. I farther what to state that I look forward to coming on here and seeing all your comments and favorites it does wonders to my spirit. Even though I am currently still looking for a job know that I have graduated it doesn't mean I am going to end the written here. Hopefully I'll get all the chapters done before taking an break for a well before starting up an new one shots series or requests. I don't know but we'll see when the cards fall. Anyways loves and Kisses darlings!
Llama Emoji-22 (Waving) [V1] Hello my darlings! How is everyone doing? I hope everyone is well. I just wanted to to update everyone were I'm at in the series, get some voting that needs to be done, and get some questions answer. Also I have an HR?AT playlist on youtube! It's not all there to what i listen to well I do the chapters but some of it is there! So here the link:…
  So lets get cracking!Llama Emoji-55 (Happy New Year) [V3] 

I need a simple vote on some things that I have been doing and a request that was wanting to be done. I'm a little unsure and would like others options on the matter.

1) As in Psiioniic route I did have an lemon request giving so i placed in the series route but I have just a while ago got to requests for some Sign and Dis lemon. The vote is should I make an special chapter about the night the three of you spend which i just roughly applied of sexual relations with each other? Yes or no

2) Do you darlings want me to post my headcannon's as well also like an troll anatomy lesson class from how I see it. Yes or no (will have a short post for CTNWPR regardless of this out come)
Llama Emoji-67 (Yes food) [V3] 

Homestuck Reader x ? Ancestor trolls:

  1. Signless and Disciple (main route)
  2. Psiioniic route
Still in the works
  1. Redglare: Planned: chapters 1-4 included ending: first chapter not typed(May not type up)
  2. GHB: Planned: chapter 1-2 posted; Chapter 3-8 : starting process of chapter 3(ending typed)* look at authors note
  3. Summoner:Chapter 1  posted; Not fully planned finished ending rough and rough plot for chapters 2: Chapter 3 ending is typed up.
  4. Dolorosa: Planned: chapters 1-6 including ending: First chapter not typed (May not type up)
  5. Dualscar:Chapter 1-3 posted; Chapter 4 1/4 typed out but planned. Ending is typed up; rough plots for chapters 4-6.
Other Series in the works
  1. Requests
  1. Summoner Lemon (Chapter 2 part 2)
  2.  GHB lemon (chapter 7)
  3. Chances that never were (CTNWPR) (Psiioniic route timeline B) [will explain before posting darlings]
Llama Emoji-54 (Resting) [V3] 
Q: Why is Summoner route series so short? A: Summoner's route is so short darling because you are right on the door steps of the Empress's door. Also Summoner is still within reason under mind control. So you could get away from that and live to long.

Q: Do you do commissions? A: No

Q: Why do you call everyone darling? Are you like french, english, or is it because your Canadian? A: Haha  no darling I'm not French or english and  I don't know what being Canadian has to do with anythingBig Fool Emoji-03 (Creep Stare) [V2]. It's just an politic mannerism I have learned from life. It's a way to be personal to other people well talking to them without needing to know them personally. I used to call everyone Muffin in Highschool.
Q: Why are you all sadstuck! Stop hurting my feelings so! A: Sorry darling but not every story has a happy ending i do try to make it better with the bubble scenes.

Q: Are you really on tumblr? I found so many Heirs of hearts... A: Yes darling I am on tumblr though I only have up to chapter 3 on there at the moment. You can find me at this

Q: Why does it take you so long to type a chapter? And why is it poorly edited at times? A: Darlings you don't know how many times I get these questions and they still annoy me. It takes me so long to type because one i'm looking for an forever job, two I do get writers block even with pre-plan plots and three I type on average 10 to 17 pages single space, no paragraph pages. It takes a well to get that typed out. Lastly editing I do try my best to edit them please understand though editing takes an full day to do for me. I have some learning disabilities which make it hard sometimes so when some people could read twice and caught all of them it takes be five or six times for me.

Q: How do you come up with your head cannon for trolls? and so you really follow cannon? A: I get this question a lot too darlings. The short answer is in the the shower I do a lot, an i mean a lot of thinking in there. As for an longer answer for the head cannon's is because I need to know how things work which is why I'm an Chemical lab tech and I read about of head cannon's of other peoples so it is an mash between the two. And I do try to follow cannon I have put a lot of research into finding things out about HS like how they died, the reason behind it, and the characters personalities. I do try to stay with OC but at times i think i fail at it.

Q: How long have you being an HS fan for? Have you read up to the latest update? A: To be a bit truthful to you darling I'm an new-ish fan of the series even then if it's only to the ideas, situations, and the characters. do I put this...I have yet to fully read act one of Homestuck. So no I haven't read up to the latest update.

Q: Can I draw a scene from your series? A: Please darling by all means do so. I would love to see any art work about this series!

Q: Why do you sound so harsh to your commentators at times or very blunt with them? I find it rather rude. A: Mmm I guess your talking about my 'thank you darling I am glad you like it so.' line. It is not meant as blunt or 'harsh' it's just thats all I feel that is needed to say. I do really mean it even though it is so short. Some times people don't leave enough to act on so I make sure to give them something to know I did read there comment and like that fact they did. I am sorry if that or whatever else i've typed sounds like I'm harsh, mean or what have you. I don't mean to be it's just the way I type. If you could hear speak you'd know that it wasn't like that sadly the typed language is the hardest to understand for where the emotions lay.  

Q: What are you going to do after the series? A: Take a long needed rest darling maybe start another series of hs and make it shorter.

Q: Do you regret making so many routes? A: At times yes I do regret it but then I see that people love when there choice was picked or updated so then it makes me feel better cause if you darlings are happy then so am I.

Q: What do you mean by 'connecting paragraphs?' I thought you didn't have paragraphs... A: Ah that well darling means what it states I don't connect paragraphs when i type some times I bounce from idea to idea then type out the scene then i have to connect the two paragraph scenes together so I know I've done with it. Sometimes the connection for scene a to scene b can be four pages long. I know when I've finished tying the character when there are no more spaces

Q: For the love of Gog what does int he and teh mean?! A: int he means in the and teh means the. It's part of the typing error and part learning disability.

Q: Why do you put an nearly everything Loves and Kisses? It's kind creepy. A: Llama Emoji 35 (Desire or Want Something) [V2] excellent...muhahahahMeme (Popcorn) [V1]. Okay away from the silly answer the true answer is well cause I do. It's just me more or less being affectionate to you my readers. If it creeps you out sorry but i'm not going to stop.

There are more questions to answer but I'm tired lol. In the next update I will answer more so please feel free to keep asking questions :3
Llama Emoji-38 (Confused) [V2] 

Loves and Kisses darlings!
Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2]Llama Emoji-60 (Snug or Hug) [V3] 
Author's notes:
*So I had told a couple of readers that GHB was originally going to be not a sadstuck ending. Well that's change I got this great ending that is satisfying to me and will be for the reader since the original was really opened ended which I don't like. Surprisingly it came to me in the shower I went "fuck thats it!" Jumped right out whipped on my pj's and typed the whole bloodily thing out. So I'm sorry about that darlings lol.
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